Radical Connectedness

A World of Connections

As most people very commonly put it, “It’s not about who you know, but about who knows you”. We live in a world that thrives on connection and interrelations -especially connection and interrelations with the ‘right people’. Getting and staying connected to the right people is why we are hooked to our phones and computers, it is why we attend the particular events we attend, it is why we want to get into certain spaces, it is why we want to meet certain people -get to know them and have them know us.

On Making Connections

Making connections may sound like a similarly small and simple thing. However, experts reprimand that it is in fact a “learned skill” and a “process that takes time”. Over the last two years, I have been in a space where it is ingrained into people that when we get the chance to connect, we must view it as an opportunity. An opportunity to make a memorable impression, an opportunity to pave the way for more beneficial interactions in the future, an opportunity to sell ourselves- in terms of our exceptional abilities and capabilities. I realize that we are encouraged to approach making connections this way because the world today relies so much on referrals. Individuals, organizations, companies and everybody are more reliant on and trustful/confident of the people referred to them by people they already know and trust. Thus, the more “right people” you connect with and make a memorable impression on, the better chances you have of getting that job you want so badly now or in the future, the higher chances you have at landing that travel or scholarship opportunity, the higher your chances of making that partnership and so forth. Additionally, through these beneficial connections (also referred to as “networks”), we can also get the opportunity to help others.

On Nurturing Connections

Most times, making a connection starts out very simply; sometimes, it does not. Whichever way it may be, it most times starts off with a conversation that leads to other conversations, which then leads to the establishment of mutual interests and excitement.

On Connections at EXPEERTS.club

At EXPEERTS.club one of our core values is “radical connectedness” as coined by our founder, Cloed Baumgartner. Through the directive of this core value, we work and create programs and interactions through which our members can connect and establish truly personal and deeply meaningful connections with each other. Through our accountability teams, our members have managed to create safe spaces for themselves. Safe spaces to which they commit and truly belong. Safe spaces where they can hear and be heard, see and be seen, grow and aid the growth of others.



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