The Beauty of Accountability Teams

Surprising Benefits of Having Accountability Teams

Author: Tealee A. Brown| Artwork By: Kinga Barcs

Once upon a time, a colleague from school so kindly and genuinely asked me, “Please be my prayer accountability partner?” A request to which I so readily agreed. However, sadly, that story ended long before it even began because I did not follow up my agreement by any actions. The truth is, I only said ‘yes’ to my schoolmate because at the time, saying “No” sounded like the wrong thing to say — a situation I am sure almost all of us have been faced with in the past. Here in the present and looking back, I realise that at the time, I did what I did because I was afraid. The thought of being accountable to anyone or holding anyone accountable felt heavy, tedious, too stressful, and seemed like an unnecessary negative load to carry. Why would I want to take away the freedom of praying when I felt like it, and according to my timeline, by signing up to be “held accountable” and “forced” into doing it when I didn’t feel like it? — Like I said, “too much unnecessary stress,” and I was better off without it.

However, one year later, and I would do anything I could to take myself back to that instant of my life. I want to do it all over again; have my friend ask me to be his accountability partner, agree, and very committedly act on it. “Why?” — Because in less than 12 months after that encounter, I have come to witness the gloriousness which having accountability partners can add to your life. Your accountability partners or accountability team, far beyond being just people who can facilitate your professional and career growth and development, can become your safe space. A space of shared experiences, understanding, acceptance, and love. A space that facilitates your healing, peace, and overall growth.

Most often than not, we expect that having accountability partners and teams would only lead to us being more stressed and anxious about things than we usually are. Still, the truth is, once we decide to give it a try and once we get the full swing of it, it can lead to outcomes and results utterly different than what we initially expected. Your accountability team can become your source of power and rest. Many testify that thanks to their accountability partners and teams, they have been able to keep it together and stay motivated and productive throughout the period of the global pandemic.

Now that we have established the wholesomeness of having accountability partners and being part of an accountability team, next time, we’ll go further into very specific benefits you can enjoy as a result of them.

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