3 Benefits of Accountability Teams

Ways in Which Accountability Teams Will Enrich Your Life

3 min readMay 17, 2021


Author: Tealee A. Brown| Artwork By: Kinga Barcs

Our last piece delved into the unexpected ease and impact accountability teams can add to our lives from a holistic point of view. Getting more specific, in this piece, we would explore very particular benefits of accountability teams.

Here are three (3) benefits of accountability teams that will add beauty to and ease to your life

1. Accountability is a journey of self-discovery

Before we can be accountable to other people, we first must be able to be accountable to ourselves. Accountability teams push us to nurture and cultivate the self-discipline and training we need to develop habits that lead to success and growth. It compulses us to become answerable first to ourselves, then to others. Being part of an accountability team engages us in a journey of self-discovery and reassures us that the journey of self is not one we have to take alone. From personal experience, I can boldly say that having others go along with you on your journey of self can be a positive feat. Having people who can help you keep track and cheer you on as you go can be your biggest-most profound motivation to carry on.

2. Accountability teams can be a source of direction and drive.

Having accountability teams can be a source of pacing and direction setting. This allows you to identify and develop as a person and professional strategically. Your accountability team can help you “fine-tune your efforts to meet your end goals and objectives”. They can help you proceed without the risk of getting distracted or losing energy and effort in the wrong direction.

3. An opportunity to nurture deep-rooted, invaluable, and diverse friendships and professional relationships.

More than just a group of people who would keep tabs on you, help you strategically set goals for your career development, and ensure you are meeting your own goals, your accountability team can over time become your true friends. These are people who watch every step of your journey, appreciate you for trying, and console you when things don’t go your way. Beyond being “professional guardians”, your accountability team sticks with you in both good and bad times — I know of no other course through which true friendship has developed.

Being part of an accountability team would take you a long way. It provides an opportunity for you to open up to and learn from diverse persons and groups. It enables you to see your journey and growth from the perspective of other people. It gives you a source of guardian, check and balance, and support.
In a world where “networking” is a critical skill and requirement for success, accountability teams don’t just give a network; they equip you to create other networks. Above all, if maximised right, accountability teams provide you with a family you know you can always count on.

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