Tomorrow’s Here!

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On things we are grateful for

Life can be a long and tedious journey. As you move forward, it is essential to practice gratitude. In practising gratitude, we allow ourselves to recognise our growth and identify new reasons to keep going.

On dreams and hopes that did not materialise

Gearing up for the year’s end can be extremely hard on some. It is a time when sitting with ourselves, we have to accept that the year unfolded (almost) nothing like we hoped and planned it would, that essentially, we cannot plan our way through life like we have been made to believe, that we have no absolute control over most of the things that matter most to us. Life can get overwhelming, and you may have lost sight of some of your set goals along the way. Also, you may have been forced by circumstances to let go of some of your dreams.

On sudden changes and things lost

Between last year and this year, I experienced some of the most sudden and significant changes and losses of my life. It is (almost) scary how one (seemingly tiny) change and/or loss can reshape your entire life and human experience.

On new year’s resolutions

I view the new year as an opportunity for a fresh start– an opportunity to begin anew or pick up where we left off, depending on what we want and what works for us. Currently, we are in the period when most of us sit with ourselves to identify the things we want to achieve in the coming year. As we engage in this process, I feel it necessary to remind myself and you that taking a focused approach enables us to achieve our goals and empowers us to attain the most satisfactory results.

Happy New Year!

As we step into the new year, we all have plans and hopes and dreams. I send you special grace — to take the necessary actions and steps toward achieving yours.



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